jetflex composite surface filler 2CM0481030 - Gray
CM0481035 - White

Description - Exterior

CM0481030 and CM0481035 are high quality two-component urethane surfacers that provide performance, versatility and productivity. These Sherwin-Williams products provide excellent gloss holdout, resist film shrinkage, easy to sand, and retain flexibility. This product is intended for use on exterior composites or pre-primed aluminum surfaces for aircraft and parts. CM0481030 (Gray) and CM0481035 (White) are ideal to fill and permanently conceal surface imperfections to create a smooth surface for topcoat applications.

  • Quick cure - increasing shop productivity
  • Resistance to film shrinkage
  • Forms a tough film with excellent recoat / intercoat adhesion properties
  • Excellent sanding characteristics
  • No priming necessary
  • Reduces process time for topcoat preparation
  • Compatible with Sherwin-Williams topcoats including SKYscapes - a rain erosion resistant coating
  • Available in white and gray